[locatoraid] Shortcode Options
Defines the front end view layout.
Default: «map|list»
Displays the map.
Displays the list of locations.
You can combine the map and the list together with either | or /. The | options means the map and the list will be placed horizontally side by side, the / option will render them vertically stacked one after one.
[locatoraid layout=»map|list»] [locatoraid layout=»list|map»] [locatoraid layout=»map/list»] [locatoraid layout=»map»] where-*
These parameters lets you filter out the locations that are displayed on this page.
where-country, where-state, where-city
[locatoraid where-state=»TX»] [locatoraid where-country=»Canada»] where-product
This parameter lets you filter out the locations based on the products they offer. You will need to enter the product ID.
[locatoraid where-product=»2″] start
Provides a default search string.
Default: «»
Set to «no» if you want to start with the search form only without default results.
[locatoraid start=»Wilmington, DE»] [locatoraid start=»no»] limit
Limits the number of returned search results.
Default: 100
[locatoraid limit=»50″] radius
Makes the system search within the specified radius (in km or miles, depending on your settings). You can supply several options separated by commas. If several options are given, then it first searches within the first option and gives the More Results link to search within the next radius option. If no matches are found within the largest radius, it shows No Results message.
Default: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500
[locatoraid radius=»20, 100″] group
Group the returned search results.
Possible options: country, state, city, zip.
[locatoraid group=»state»] sort
Sort the returned search results.
Possible options: name, name-reverse.
If no option is given, the results are sorted by distance to the address that was searched for.
[locatoraid sort=»name»] map-style
Define the «style» HTML attribute for the map.
Default: «height: 400px; width: 100%;»
[locatoraid map-style=»height: 20em; width: 100%;»] list-style
Define the «style» HTML attribute for the results list.
Default: «height: 400px; overflow-y: scroll;»
[locatoraid list-style=»height: auto;»] id
It displays just one location defined by its id.
[locatoraid id=»123″] search-bias-country
It makes the map search prefer matches in the specified country.
[locatoraid search-bias-country=»finland»] GET Override
Any of the above parameters can be overridden by GET URL parameters prefixed with «lctr-«.
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